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Welcome, friends, this rap cat is at it again. Once again, I bring you trippy thoughts, trippy vibes, good raps with real significance and beats that bang well enough to deserve the respect of being played from good speakers. As always, please don't diss my shit by playing it through ipod headphones or laptop speakers. This album has no storyline or specified characters, but it does have a theme. For those who haven't figured out the title yet,

Addled : Unable to think clearly; confused.

In addition to that definition, notice the capitalized ADD… this album is about my generation, about  our horrible attention span and our love of drugs, about the societal devices that robbed us of our ability to focus and the horrid world we live in that makes us so desperate to escape. We're all looking for anything to take us away from the Orwellian society we live in, while we waste our time letting our attention flit from subject to subject instead of focusing and working to build a life we hate less. The album's first half reflects this lack of attention, jumping from subject to subject, and the second half reflects the escape, presenting the subject of heavy drug use honestly, with all the positive and negative sides to these choices. Come and dream with me, escape with me… oh and, if you thought I was pretty good at rapping before, well, prepare thyself, and if you don't think I got skills, prepare thyself doubly. 

Pay attention to the message of the last song: you don't know me. Hell, even if you're quite close to my non-musical identity and you THINK you know me, you probably don't. The reality is, none of us really know most of the people we're close to… everyone wears many masks, and in our society of pretext and useless formalities, some of us wear so many masks so frequently that we begin to wonder if there even is something real underneath all the makeup. Trust me, you don't know shit about me, and you have no reason to believe or not believe any of these lyrics. That's the fun though, isn't it? Putting lyrics and written messages and album art and interviews and old songs and everything else together in an attempt to figure out who I am. If any of you come to a conclusion, could you tell me, please? I'd like to know. 

Please, enjoy! As always, I'd be happy to take your money, but I'd be happier to gain a real fan and supporter… I'd be happier to hear that you showed my music to a friend of yours and got them interested in it than that you gave me five, ten, twenty bucks for the album. Do both if you can afford to, but either way, try and help me spread the magic if you can feel it :)


released March 4, 2015




A-Merk Toronto, Ontario

Close your eyes...

Now, open your mind.

My music exists somewhere between the highest echelon of existence our species craves to reach and the astral planes one can only explore through ego death. I make music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to accompany beauty and magic...

Alter your perception however you see fit. Begin your favourite activity. Dream with me.
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