Beatboxing off the Dome Volume 1

by A-Merk

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SUMMARY: An album of completely improvised beats I boxed, with my own mouth, in one go (all sounds at once), all in the space of an hour or two (but not in the order they appear in the album), with some very simple effects to give them more punch.

Now, here's what this album actually is: each of these songs is one session of off the dome (completely improvised) beat boxing. I did NOT practice any of this, I did NOT start something and mess up and re-start it to try and do better, I did NOT come into this with any formulated song ideas or concepts, I just started up some interesting beat then tried to keep it going and keep it interesting and fresh (whilst still kinda sticking with a theme) for as long as I could. I did NOT record any of these parts separately. As I'll explain later, I split up the sound to deepen the final product, but it's not like I recorded this in stages, i.e., if you're hearing 3 noises at once then I was making all three of those noises at once. I just made these songs one after another (although not in the order they appear on the album), barely any breaks in between, and again these are COMPLETELY improvised. I mean, many of these noises or general rhythms are staples of my mindless beatboxing but the point is I just made these up on the fly. Sometimes you can tell, but most of the time I bet you'll find it hard to believe me. This is what I'm doing all day in my head and it's what makes me hates instruments and even the program I use to make beats... I can create symphonies in my head like nothing, it's getting them out of the skull and into a form anyone else can experience that's the hard part!

The technological side of this is that each of these tracks is just one straight, long beatbox. Again, no edits, no punch ins, nothing. However, after I finished each track, I triplicated the audio file and separated it into lows, mids and highs. The lows are amplified, the mids I made punchier, and the highs have an echo. I think this really brings out the nature of the beats in a way that improves them, but not to the point where they aren't the product of my own mouth anymore. It's basically the difference between you hearing my boxing, and the way it sounds in my own head. That is the only editing I did, and I'd be happy to provide the raw audio to anyone who thinks I faked any aspects of this (except the echoes, which of course, come from the echo effect). Also, my apologies for the crackling mic glitch on the last track... I didn't notice until I was already deep into the simple editing of the audio for all the files, and I didn't want to try and re-record it... to preserve the clean, pure nature of this album as one straight session of improvised beatboxing, I kept the track as is, the first recording of it, which unfortunately has some crackling for the first 45ish seconds. Bear with me, trust, it's worth it...

The thing is, I often beat box by myself, basically just to kill time, but sometimes I really get into it (as in, it's not just something I'm absentmindedly doing to kill time, I actually begin to pay attention to it and try real hard to put interesting things together), and every once in a while that goes so well that I basically blow my own mind and at the end I'm like oh man, why didn't I record that? And I just feel so sad because I'll likely never be able to reproduce what I did and no one heard it but me, you know? So that night I was just beatboxing and getting pretty into it and then I was like hey, why stop doing this and play the same videogames I've played 10000 times before, why don't I set up my mic and record some stuff? Around 2 hours later, I had 40 minutes of finished material to share with y'all. Enjoy! I'm not just a rapper, or a producer, I'm also a beatboxer and proud of it. Just try and fuck with these... they're fuckin freestyles, duke!


released November 25, 2014




A-Merk Toronto, Ontario

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My music exists somewhere between the highest echelon of existence our species craves to reach and the astral planes one can only explore through ego death. I make music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to accompany beauty and magic...

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