Behind the Mask: Volume 2

by A-Merk

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The second installment of my Behind the Mask EPs is here! Fired in the crucible of emotional distress and technological sickness, this album is the expression of all the dark, empty feelings I have been having recently. There is one very countercultural song about the effect technology is having on our society sandwiched between two songs about a specific girl. Obviously, this isn't a happy-go-lucky album of funtimes, but I sincerely hope that someone out there who is going through similar problems or having the same kind of inner conflicts will hear this album and know that they are understood. It helps, even if only a little...


All beats made by me, A-Merk. All raps written by me, A-Merk. Aside from samples, it’s a one-man-show.

That Girl contains a sample of Kano’s “Can’t Hold Back (Your Lovin’)” which I discovered during one of the countless hours I spent playing GTA V. I've crafted new art using it as one of many different pieces, therefore it falls under fair use/dealing.

Hobo Lifestyle ends with a sample of Slug (of Atmosphere) performing live, expressing exactly how I feel about the girl I wrote songs one and three of this EP about. It was used completely without his permission, hoping that he is ok with a fellow hip hop artist treating him and his music like he and Ant have treated their idols.

Songs one and three were written about a specific girl who I was truly in love with. I assume she wouldn’t want to be named.

Imagery was based on the movie 12 Monkeys, because of the emotional significance it has to me.


released June 17, 2015




A-Merk Toronto, Ontario

Close your eyes...

Now, open your mind.

My music exists somewhere between the highest echelon of existence our species craves to reach and the astral planes one can only explore through ego death. I make music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to accompany beauty and magic...

Alter your perception however you see fit. Begin your favourite activity. Dream with me.
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