Deep Space Volume 7

by A-Merk

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Depth is difficult to come by in our modern world, or rather, an interest in depth is. Realistically, we are living in the deepest time in known history, a time when each human being in the first world almost has enough data about them collected to create an A.I. replacement for their consciousness. Yet, we watch buzzfeed videos on Facebook and close the window if we make it 30 seconds in and the exciting part hasn't begun yet, we derisively call a paragraph an "essay", and we do whatever we can to keep our conversations shallow lest we accidentally feel something. Thankfully, not everyone is ok with this state of being. Some of us want to stare into the mysteries of life as deeply as we can, to think thoughts that others run from, or even just to consider something from another angle while we look for deeper understanding. Like the rest of my music, this album is for those people... Those willing to imagine and journey with me as my music takes them down a beautiful and magical road to somewhere new. This album especially brings a sense of depth as it dips into the darker side of my sound... Let go and sink into the madness. Beauty is found in chaos.

As always, the kicks hit as hard as I can get them too. As always, the music is trippy as fuck. As always, I offer it to you for free, and only ask that you would share it with someone special if you happen to like it :) If you use this album as a soundtrack to your favourite activities and metaphysical journeys, that will make me happy. Please, enjoy!


released December 26, 2016




A-Merk Toronto, Ontario

Close your eyes...

Now, open your mind.

My music exists somewhere between the highest echelon of existence our species craves to reach and the astral planes one can only explore through ego death. I make music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to accompany beauty and magic...

Alter your perception however you see fit. Begin your favourite activity. Dream with me.
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