Donkey Kong: Future Worlds II

by A-Merk

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It's been a while, I know. For all those fiending, I've got that crazy wild sound for you once more! As always, those hard drums, that trippy sound, that soundtrack to any dope activity that you enjoy! Personally, this album has accompanied many jaunts through the astral planes above our mundane existence...

A past music professor described the first DK album thusly: "Enjoying the Donkey Kong Future Worlds album! Love it. It’s got such a unique mood: dark, relaxing, trippy. I was talking in class today about motifs, and how we usually think of them as melodic cells, sometimes rhythmic cells, but rarely as something timbral, which is part of what I think you’re doing here. Makes me think of the terms “sound icon” and “sound plasma” coined by the Romanian spectral composer Horatio Radulescu. So hard to put my finger on the mood (which is why it’s music). eerie. calm. ethereal. subterranean…Then I remember, Donkey Kong. Sneaking off to the arcade. So dark, except the glow of the video screens. Sticky floor. The rank odour of adolescent B.O. The glare of the sun after the darkness of the interior. Time frozen. How long have we been here for? The glare of the sun after the darkness of the interior. Inevitability. F-ing brilliant."

This album continues in that vein. Enjoy!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Kim Phan for the amazing, AMAZING cover! Most of the cover is her original art, however, I did scan the piece and use photoshop to increase the vibrancy and general interest. Other than that digital tune up, the majesty you see is all thanks to her! I really appreciated her creating this fantastic piece for my music :D

Also, I would like to thank everyone involved in the creation of Donkey Kong Country. First off, that game is a fucking masterpiece. Given what little technology they had, the graphics are great, the writing is funny, the music was AMAZING, gameplay was fun, varied, challenging… So challenging that I would throw tantrums, and even now when I play it, some of the “must land on this exact pixel” jumps make me scream obscenities at my television. Still though, it’s nothing short of one of the best games ever. Big list, sure, but it’s definitely on there. The music especially always stuck with me, in a good way, and the feeling of nostalgia I got from listening to the soundtrack was wonderful. Re-listening to the songs as an an adult was crazy because as a child, there was no way to know how much appreciation it deserved. I just “liked it”, and maybe if I was really stretching my brain’s capabilities, “thought it went well with the game”. Listening now, I can hear just how complex and interesting and purposeful each track was. They all have their own flavours, yet somehow manage to fit in this single theme that is the game. I guess I’m fanboying… point being, I hope that anyone who was involved with the music of this game enjoys my personal take on some of my favourite little pieces of sound, and I want to thank them for creating it in the first place. My 5 year old self wants to thank you as much as the current 23 year old does. I salute you!

(I am not currently or going to ever charge money for this album [unless I get the all clear from the copyright holders of course]. It's fair use/fair dealings art that I'm giving away for free)


released March 14, 2016

Album Cover: The Fantastic Kim Phan!
Album Samples: Donkey Kong Country (SNES) Soundtrack




A-Merk Toronto, Ontario

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My music exists somewhere between the highest echelon of existence our species craves to reach and the astral planes one can only explore through ego death. I make music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to accompany beauty and magic...

Alter your perception however you see fit. Begin your favourite activity. Dream with me.
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