The Future is Bright

by A-Merk

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This is basically the first single off my upcoming album, "ADDled". I'm not really the type to do singles, but I wrote this song specifically for the first Mind Fuck Academy fundraiser (don't know what MFA is? Get educated, son! I'm a key family member in the upcoming film...), and then I performed it... It's ready and it's fun and it's fucking great so why sit on it :)

Basically, I realized I don't have all that much "fun" or "party" music, so I wrote a positive, fun, party song. Hopefully, this vibe will cary across to the rest of my album (which, thankfully, is finally being worked on :D Wrote two songs today, actually...)

Enjoy! Once I get the video of my first live performance of this song (hopefully first of many), I'll add it to this file and let y'all know I've done so. Come out to the next MFA fundraiser, whenever that happens... trust me, it will be a damn good time!



Hey yo, don’t hit the back door

Stick with us, we got an awesome show

Like whoa, check that flow

Arguments against g’on hit the floor

Like they hit some blow and ran to get some more

Began to trip fo sho and cracked up they skull

Like, was death really what they wishin for?

I dunno, but, the mission’s more

Stick to core, study the lore

The more knowledge the better

Of that I’m sure

And yet... it can feel impure

When over analysis ruins the cure

But fuck it, let’s just party tonight

I swear man, the future’s bright

Believe me y’all, we all can stand tall

We all feel small when our summers trip and fall

It’s a bummer, but don’t ignore the call

Stand up, fight back, it’s a brawl

[the future], I’m afraid of what’s beyond my sight

[the future] But I gotta believe it’s bright

Don’t fight, you can’t escape the flow

What’s right, does anyone even know?

My might, is a steady even blow

Blind sight, but a machete made of soul

Limelight, Man I’m ready, let’s go

Delight, any betty who joins the show

[the future] You can’t conceive what might

[the future] it’s alright [the future] it’s alright

You may as well just live for tonight

Naw, that approach lacks insight

Mix the two, some of the many, the few

Vitamins today, but I got pills to do

Moderation is key, that’s the aim

But it’s hard to attain when I listen to my brain

[the future] It’s so hard to not know

[the future] but I need to let go

Smoke a bowl, or smoke another O

I’ll teach you to roll then how to take control

[the future] you can’t conceive what might

[the future] it’s alright [the future] it’s alright

it’s all tight, but I want more than chatter

get fucked, make art, dude...

create something that matters...

in the...

[the future the future the future]

Switch up the flow

You don't even know

I spit quick and talk slick

Destroy any foe

Burn down any O

You know I love dro

There's snakes in the grass

But I'm ready to blow

My whole life til now

Has been leading to this

My spit shakes like POW

Leaves you soaking in piss

I’ve lived on the grid

My entire existence

And still haven’t learned

How to dazzle at this dance

Yo I spaz, and I miss chance

Jazz up the beats and I’d get fans

So I sat down, with this beat

And I wrote, where the minds meet

Don’t find me, I love my time alone

Ironically, I really need my phone

But sonically, I’ve really come into my own

The chronic be, inspiring all my poems

[the future] Man, I love hip hop

It gives me things to live for and it wont stop

[the future] Music makes it worthwhile

I smile, each track is like a child

[the future] So yo, I say we all whyle

Go crazy, you only live for a while

Man it’s hazy, but we have to try

I’m just sayin, please don’t die

[the future] Let’s see where we go

Don’t snort snow, you dumbo

[the future] Go cop some of my old shit

Don’t flop, it’s free for you to own it

[the future] All I want is to party with you

Pick your high, come inside and find somethin to do

Or find someone to screw, change your hue

It’s up to you, just please don’t spew


It’s a party in here, the future’s on the way!

Everybody with me now, say HEY!

say, say, say HEY!... ready? say HEY!

Say hey, we’re living our way

Amongst the contracts and pay to play

[the future] It’s a little crazy

[the future] Oh well, it don’t phase me

Close your eyes and hope

Grope in the dark but don’t choke

The future? It’s up to all of us

Don’t cuss, that’s just the way it was

Believe me cuz, we gotta drop the guns

Divert all the funds to saving the young

[the future] You can’t conceive what might

[the future] it’s alright [the future] it’s alright

The future? Carve it out for yourself

Believe me, no one else is gonna help

Receive the benefit of the doubt

For a few years, but then you gotta shout

Jump up, get down, get fucked up

Pump up these clowns, get sucked up

[the future] I just wanna survive

[the future] Thrive, and pass on these vibes

I kinda see it as a scary place

Oh well, we’re runnin at a hurried pace

[the future] Just try to get laid

[the future] Be understood, have fun, get paid

Work your hardest, then work more

Prepare yourself, then you can explore

In the...

[the future the future the future]


released November 9, 2014




A-Merk Toronto, Ontario

Close your eyes...

Now, open your mind.

My music exists somewhere between the highest echelon of existence our species craves to reach and the astral planes one can only explore through ego death. I make music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to accompany beauty and magic...

Alter your perception however you see fit. Begin your favourite activity. Dream with me.
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